The Tale of the Scorpion and the Caterpillar Book Cover | See a few sample pages


What would happen if a scorpion met a delicate caterpillar?
If you were the caterpillar, would you run?

Gili On LeafThis story brings you on a journey with an unusual pair of friends, a scorpion and a caterpillar as they face their fears, only to discover their strengths. This wise and enchanting fable unfolds the secrets of the insect world in how it relates to us.

Appealing to children and young adults of all ages, this gentle tale helps those who are struggling with the loss of a loved one.
This book uses the allegory of metamorphosis to assist children in understanding death. A beautiful, hope filled metaphor which emphasizes transformation and the power of unconditional love.

This unusual pair of friends also introduce the diverse society in which we live. Accepting and valuing people and groups with different ethnicities is a crucial social skill. Yet this strange pair become close friends, love and accept each other, and actually celebrate their differences along their journey home.

All Proceeds from the book will go to The Tarik Toukan Memorial Scholarship Fund